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Sep 27, 2021

If you've been wondering what is entailed to properly support the body in detoxifying then make sure you tune in to today's episode. Lance Schuttler and Noah Olson, co-founders of Ascent Nutrition go well beyond a typical 2-week detox and show you how you can support detoxification on an ongoing basis to optimize your overall health and build resilience to illness.


  • Learn which powerhouse supplement can both optimize nutrient absorption into the cell as well as chelate toxins out of the cell.
  • Discover what kind of coffee you should and should not be drinking.
  • Gain insight into a specific herb that could be a major support and prevention in the current world situation at this time.
  • Discover specific superpowered fungi that have a myriad of health benefits including the potential to decrease blood clotting and strokes, protect against dementia and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

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