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Sep 23, 2019

Are you or your child dealing with overwhelming stress and tension? 

Self-regulation is the key to coping with these stressors in life and everywhere you go you hear this term being thrown around. 

In this podcast, Dr. Stuart Shanker explains how there are hundreds of different definitions of the term self-regulation.  He gives us his personal definition of the word and walks with through the 5 domains of self-regulation that may be affecting you; Biological, Emotion, Cognitive, Social and Prosocial.  

There are SO many influencing factors when it comes to stress. Dr. Shanker dives into how everything from diet, lights and sounds and even a biochemical imbalance can throw our lives off kilter. 

If you want more to invite calm into your life for yourself or a loved one, listen to this episode. You’ll learn about the influencing factors that you can control, and how you can begin to make changes to gain the serenity you’ve been craving.

Here’s a snapshot of what we covered in our chat and here are some highlights from our discussion:

  • [15:20] What is cognitive stress and why is it important to distinguish it from everyday stress?
  • [18:35] Biochemistry testing and why it’s pivotal to understanding your loved ones tension.
  • [22:21] The ratio of Vitamin B6 and Zinc and what happens when the two are out of balance.
  • [28:00] The importance of the inter brain and secure vs fragile attachment.
  • [31:32] We all have 3 Brains In One. Which part of the brain are you making decisions from?  Your habits and conditioning will change the way you react in every situation. Learn which one is important for which department in your life!
  • [53:31] The 5 Steps to Solving Stress. Start using these every day to redesign your reactions in challenging situations. 

Dr. Shanker brought so many great insights about what self-regulation is from his perspective. Dr. Shanker has been another great mentor to me and I am so excited to share this with you.