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Jan 12, 2022

Lemurian Light Shaman Huna Mauta Taki affectionately known as Huna Flash joins us again to share with us a Shamans perspective on energy, frequency and vibration. In this episode Huna Flash helps us understand the meaning behind light codes and geometric patterns and their impact on our lives. He explains how we are moving towards unlocking our natural ability of telepathy and how love is the driving force behind remembering who we are.


  • Enjoy a prayer by Lemurian Light Shaman Huna Flash.
  • Gain insights into the meaning behind the login prayer and the 3 different dimensions.
  • Discover how we are collectively unlocking our abilities for telepathy.
  • A deeper dive into light codes, geometric patterns and their effects on our lives.
  • How to remember who we really are.
  • Understand the importance of β€œSeeds of Intent.”
  • Discover the meaning behind the most infinite code of all, the tetrahedron.
  • Learn how β€œlove is the driving force behind remembering.”
  • Discover the nine senses.

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