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May 18, 2022

In today’s episode Dr. Tom Cowan joins us once again to share his insights on detoxification, viral theory and the importance of clean, liquid crystalline water. Dr. Cowan encourages us to question everything until we arrive at an answer that makes sense. Listen in with a curious mind and prepare to be blown away!


  • Discover the flaws and unanswered questions in regards to the process by which viruses are “Isolated”.
  • Gain insight into how human health, and that of all living things, is dictated by the quality of our water and our ability to receive and properly utilize this water.
  • Discover how water acts as a receiver of the impulses of the world, Including: chemicals, hormones, EMF, toxins, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Learn what it means to reconnect back to Nature and how this process will naturally detoxify you.

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