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Aug 3, 2020

As much as most of us love the sun we have also been taught to fear it. We cover up, we hide in the shade and when we do go into the sun, we make sure that we have our sun screen on hand at all times. In this episode I break down the difference between sun exposure vs sun burning, the tremendous health benefits the sun has to offer as well as what to be careful of and when it comes to sunscreens, what has been shown to be safe and what may potentially be harmful to you and your children.


  • How to tell when you have maxed out your vitamin D absorption for the day.
  • Discover key ingredients in sunscreen that have been shown to absorb into your body well beyond the FDA’s safe limits.
  • Learn some of the potential health risks to certain sunscreens.
  • Find out what key ingredients to look for in safe sunscreen lotions.
  • Uncover an array of health promoting benefits from the sun.