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Jun 29, 2020

If you’ve been wondering how to supercharge your immune system and ward off virus’s, illness and chronic disease then tune in to this episode. Dr Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD goes over the top 8 tests you need to check in order to know just how susceptible you are to falling ill from pathogens and disease.

Today you will Learn how to switch your cells from survival mode to elective protective mode, why Dr Jaffee went from trying to debunk integrative medicine to becoming one of its strongest advocates and the most important steps to living a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn the top 8 predictive biomarkersusedto assess how healthy and resilient you actually are.
  • Learn the 4 self-assessments everyone should be checking in order to improve your quality of life.
  • Discoverif you are taking enough ascorbate to neutralize free radical stress.
  • How to maintain alkalinity in the body
  • Why it is so important to get your cell’s out of survival mode and into elective protective mode.
  • How to minimizes your toxic burden in order to build resilience against disease and optimize your health.