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Aug 9, 2023

In this episode Dolores Cannon’s student and renowned QHHT practitioner, Suzanne Spooner shares with us insights she has learned over her years of working with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. We talk about how everyone can connect to their higher selves for guidance and direction, what we mean by the “controllers” and how connecting to our higher selves abolishes their control and what the higher self has to say about “The Event” that is taking place with humanity at this time.



  • Learn how to discern the difference between true connection to higher self vs just regurgitating stories and imagination
  • Discover how going into an alpha brain wave state can help you tap into epiphany’s, “AHA” moments and inner knowing.
  • Learn how to access your inner knowing at will.
  • Are we opening ourselves up to “energies” that we don’t want to when going into hypnosis or meditation?
  • Learn what gets in the way of letting the “Truth” heal yourself!
  • Discover some of the ways to know if you are tapping in to the greater reality.
  • Gain insights into the layers of “controllers” in our reality.
  • Hear some insights from the higher self on how to show up for your life.
  • Learn about “The Event” that we are going through and the information about it that was channelled through one of Suzanne’s clients.
  • Learn the number one practical strategy that we can do at this time according to the higher selves.
  • Discover the importance of just doing less.


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