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Jun 7, 2023

Join Britain’s best psychic medium Nicky Alan as we navigate the topics of chronic illness, health, our children, what lies beyond the veil, and what has been going on in the world and what may still be yet to come.



  • Discover the difference between a “Psychic” dream and a “Random” dream

May 17, 2023

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist, Yessica Avancena, takes us through the journey of death and rebirth that can be facilitated through plant medicine ceremonies. Yessica explains how you can prepare yourself for a plant medicine ceremony, as well as what you need to consider before starting any plant medicine. We...

May 3, 2023

Join fellow podcaster and Conscious Retreat facilitator, Guy Lawrence as he shares with us insights he has learned through his own outer body experiences and spiritual awakening as well as the hundreds of visionaries he has interviewed on his podcast, Let It In!



  • Gain insights into the importance of...

May 3, 2023

Today, Naturopathic physician, medical medium and two-time near-death experiencer, Dr. Lotte Valentin helps us better understand our ancestral wounds and how unwind our patterns of illness. We discuss the roots to illness as well as what is required to truly heal. She shares her perspective on how we can best support...

Apr 19, 2023

Our good friend, author and spiritual teacher, Jiulio Consiglio, joins us again to share his insights on the death of the ego, how to navigate fear, how we can access infinite possibilities and how we all so often limit our possibilities. We also talk about the current financial scares, how our thoughts literally open...