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Feb 8, 2023

Author and scholar Neil Douglas-Klotz shares with us insights from his newest book, The Aramaic Jesus, Hidden Teachings On Life And Death. Join us as Neil brilliantly expands upon the deeper meaning behind many of Jesus’ most famous teachings in a way that is heart-felt, practical and tangible. Discover why it is necessary to hear the words of Jesus through the Aramaic lens, explore concepts of Heaven and Hell and gain insight into what is necessary and what is most difficult to create a global change.


  • Gain a more expansive understanding of Jesus’s teachings on life and death.
  • Understand why it is necessary to re-look at Jesus’s teachings through the language of Aramaic.
  • Discover how the language itself can dramatically change the underlying meaning of Jesus’s teachings.
  • Discover how individual shifts in consciousness make a huge impact on the world around us.
  • Learn about how Jesus spoke of the importance of the heart.
  • Discover some expanded understandings of the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes.
  • Learn where human consciousness is at this time.
  • Gain insights as to how judgement paralyzes you.
  • Learn what the Aramaic word for ‘death’ actually means.
  • Explore concepts of Heaven and Hell.
  • Discover what is necessary and what is most difficult to create a global change.

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