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Aug 30, 2023

In this episode we are joined by author, spiritual teacher and our dear friend Jiulio Consiglio for a candid conversation on how to deal with an ever increasing chaotic and unpredictable world. In lieu of the increasing devastation that continues to take place across the globe and the overwhelming feelings of fear, despair, sadness and anger that are a part of so many lives right now…we ask the questions, What is going on in the world right now? how does one manage this degree of fear and uncertainty? Is there a bigger picture to all of this? And so much more. Tune in to this powerful episode and gain insights that will help you during these very challenging times.



  • Gain insights into why we are feeling so much heaviness, so stuck and so many  difficult emotions right now.
  • Discover what it means and what it feels like to individually and collectively go through ego death.
  • Learn how to deal with a world that feels incredibly chaotic and unreliable.
  • Discover strategies for how to deal with situations that you don’t resonate with or agree with.
  • Understand why so many old fears have been popping back up out of nowhere and taking so many people down.
  • Learn how to deal with these fears and eliminate them permanently!
  • Discover why our manifestations are going to come into fruition faster than ever.
  • Discover why many of our challenges are getting more and more intense and how to work with them.


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