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Jul 13, 2022

In Today’s episode metaphysics master and ground breaking author, RJ Spina explains how we can use the “Magick” of metaphysics to detoxify from what is false and not serving us. Join RJ as he breaks down what we really need to cleanse in order to heal, the difference between acceptance and allowance and what metaphysics actually in and it changes everything.


  • The importance of Magick in detoxification
  • Gain insight into what is meant by metaphysics and how it changes everything.
  • Gain insight into how the metaphysical aspects of reality dictate and create the physical.
  • Discover what we need to detoxify from in order to access higher levels of frequency.
  • From a metaphysics point of view what do we need to detoxify from?
  • Learn the difference between ‘acceptance’ and ‘allowance’.
  • Understand what “ascension” really means and what is necessary for “ascension” to take place.
  • Discover where true understanding and true communion comes from.
  • Discover why we don’t have to think about everything and an exercise to assist you in doing this.

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