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Sep 7, 2021

In today's episode we are joined by none other than David Icke. Join us as David helps us to better understand the collective mass trauma that we have all been exposed to, the importance of consciousness in the healing process and how love will always do what it knows to be right. We also surprise David with a special guest and dear friend of his, Cathy O'Brien who joins us for the last 45 minutes of the interview.


  • Take a deeper dive into mass mind control that society has been under for decades.
  • Discover how fear is their weapon of choice.
  • Learn the relationship between trauma and perception.
  • Gain insight into how your individual state of consciousness impacts everything.
  • Discover the necessity of holding onto your power, what this means, and how to live your life from this place.
  • Understand the difference in living our lives from a place of love versus a place of fear.
  • Discover how "spirituality" can often be used for escapism.
  • Insights around what love actually means, how it has been distorted and the power behind acting from a place or real love.
  • The necessity of celebrating our own unique self without apology and without permission from others.
  • The power of self-respect and saying "NO!”
  • Knowledge is NOT power. The USE of knowledge is power.

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