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Aug 16, 2023

Today we have a round table discussion on the inner workings of Private Member Associations (PMA’s). Could this be a possible solution for many of the health care practitioners feeling the challenges of the ever more increasing regulations on the natural health industry? Listen in and find out for yourself. We speak with practitioners and teachers of this information in today’s episode. Please leave your questions in the comments below so we can compile them and have another round table to shine more light on this incredibly interesting and exciting option.



  • Learn about Private Member Association (PMA) and how they work.
  • Discover how language needs to change when you operate as a PMA
  • Learn about other SURPRISING groups that function as PMA’s.
  • Discover how PMA’s are exempt from paying taxes.
  • Gain insights into how PMA’s need to be set up
  • Do you have to let go of your “professional designations” in order to create a PMA?
  • Discover the life changing journey that takes place when you switch to functioning as a PMA.
  • Are you still able to provide the same skills and therapies to members in your PMA if you choose to resign from your regulatory board as a regulated health professional?
  • Discover how you can interlink PMA’s to bring even greater value to their members.


Connect with this episode's guests:


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