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Jan 25, 2023

Near death experiencer and author Nanci Danison, shares with us insights she received from Source when she crossed over during an invasive radiological procedure. The information she received was in stark contrast to much of what she had believed up until that point about why we are here, the universe, God, religion and how we manifest our reality. Today Nanci shares with us many of the revelations that she received.


  • Gain insights into what awaits on the other side by someone who has had 3 near death experiences (NDE’s).
  • Discover how much of what we believe about the afterlife as well as our concepts about God or Source may be backwards.
  • Understand some of the different phases or stages of the afterlife.
  • Discover the origins to the creation of the universe as it was revealed to Nanci during her NDE.
  • Learn about our 5 spiritual super powers.
  • Discover the 2 big engines that drive all life in the universe.
  • Discover the truth about manifestation.
  • Learn how biology and manifestation intersect.
  • Discover the 4 major paths to change beliefs and manifest consciously.
  • Gain insights into activating self-healing.
  • Discover what the biggest challenge in the universe is.
  • Learn which healing modalities are the most powerful.
  • Learn a powerful process that puts you into the optimal state to make your intention to heal.

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