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Dec 21, 2022

Join Kristen Nagle, co-founder of Canada's Frontline Nurses as we share a candid conversation on nutrition, health, raising our kids, how to become more health sovereign and so much more.


  • Investigate new perspectives around health and illness.
  • What is your body trying to tell you?
  • Understand natural cycles in the environment and how they relate to natural cycles within our bodies.
  • Discover two very different paths that are forming in humanity at this time.
  • Discover what living and eating in relation to nature can look like.
  • Learn new ways to evaluate our children’s development and reconsider what may be of most value for them.
  • Learn strategies to help your kids not become picky eaters.
  • Discover essential developmental skills that your kids should not bypass.
  • Learn the relationships between eating, learning and movement.
  • Discover some of the ways that we have lost personal responsibility and connection to our health and ourselves starting from conception.
  • Gain insights into what it means to be health sovereign.

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Check out my latest book: Natural First Aid Essentials For Every Family

Check out my latest course: Natural First Aid Essentials For Every Family