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Dec 28, 2022

Join Drs. Amit Goswami PhD and Valentina Onisor MD for a fun in depth conversation on the power of archetypes to transform our life, how to focus our attention and get out of conditioned habits and behaviours, the detrimental effects of social media on our youth and why it is so important to cultivate curiosity and passion in our lives.


  • Discover the relationship between conditioned thinking and free will.
  • Learn how transformation allows for unlimited choice.
  • Are we using our free will or not?
  • Discover the importance of personal meaning vs paying attention to someone else’s meaning.
  • Gain insights into different archetypes and the power they have to transform your life.
  • Learn ways to help discern truth from falsehood.
  • Discover how our free will can be taken from us if we are not exercising it.
  • How do we rewire our brain and heart in order to liberate ourselves from our conditioned reality.
  • How do we enter the domain that allows for greater and greater choice.
  • Discover the first thing that must be addressed in order to discover the power of choice.
  • Learn why it is so important to develop what is called Quantum Attention and how to do it.
  • Gain insights in to how to refocus and take control of your attention again.
  • What is the relationship between technology and attention?
  • Discover how attention can affect our mental health.
  • Discover how curiosity and passion are related and why they are so important to cultivate
  • Discover how social media is dumbing down our children and destroying curiosity and passion.

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