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Nov 2, 2022

Join in on our conversation with Dear Danny as we candidly discuss the world environment at this time and how this is sparking each of us to re-look at our lives in many ways. We discuss the importance of connecting to our own personal instruction and tuning in to the body before we make choices. We openly discuss aspects of our own lives and changes that we have arrived at in regards to work, money, family and what it means to embody more pure love on this planet.


  • Discover the strength of the intuitive feminine energy coming on line.
  • The importance of men being able to be vulnerable and embrace all of who they are. - What does it mean to embody more pure love in the world?
  • Learn why the saying, “Just relax” is the starting point for great change within ourselves.
  • What does it mean to live our lives from a place of sovereignty from day to day?
  • How to know when your body is telling you to do something or act in a way that is more in alignment with your truth.
  • Are you aware of the “agreements” that you may have consented to without being fully conscious of?
  • Explore different ideas around how to live that are outside of the norm.
  • Gain a glimpse into what “micro communities” can look like and how they can change our relationships around money, trade, family and governance.

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