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Nov 9, 2020

In today’s episode flower alchemist, Katie Hess, enlightens us to the healing power of flower elixirs. Learn how this subtle energetic therapy can act as a powerful healer and guide in your personal growth. Flower elixirs help you to discover your biggest lessons, they shine a light on your greatest strengths and bring awareness to your unique, individual gifts that will support you in reaching your true potential.


  • Understand how flower elixirs can help you breakthrough unsupportive emotional patterns.
  • Discover some of the biggest lessons we can learn from flowers.
  • Learn how to “download” information from plants much like our phones and computers download new updates.
  • Gain new insight into the “psychic” abilities of plants.
  • Discover which flower are most needed at this time to help with anxiety, stress, and cultivating a deeper sense of knowing within ourselves.