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May 4, 2022

Kicking off our new series on Cleanse and Detox, clearing your path to health is none other than Health and Wellness expert, David Avocado Wolfe. This episode is absolutely packed with so much take-home information that you better make sure you have your pen and paper ready to take notes. David explains the importance of eating black foods, the necessity to build your “Jing” energy, the most important foods and nutrients for our kids, his number 1 detox supplement and his personal message on where humanity is moving to in the near future.


  • Discover the #1 detox product David uses.
  • Learn about top detox products you can add into your regime right now!
  • Understand the necessity to build “Jing” in order to manage long term stress.
  • Discover the importance of Black foods and Black herbs.
  • Discover the #1 antiaging product according to David.
  • Learn the difference healing aspects of black, red, green and yellow foods.
  • Gain insight into the benefits of Shikimate.
  • Discover what nutrients you may need to bolster a vegan diet.
  • Learn a strategy on how to build iron naturally without taking iron supplements or meat!
  • Top 3 foods that David feels children need to consume!
  • Top nutrients needed for children.
  • Learn what to do with “Detox Deniers”.
  • Dealing with difficult foods to detox, like coffee and sugar.
  • Astrological insights into what may be coming in the near future.
  • David’s personal message on where he feels we are moving to as a humanity and what we can do to support this transition.

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