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Mar 22, 2023

In today’s episode JOY shares with us how her experience of walking with death for over 18 months and 6 near death experiences reshaped her life. Join us as we talk about how to cure from within, lessons learned from pain and fear, what it means to really self-love and self-care and some important advice for anyone feeling like this world is too much and on the edge of wanting to check out.


  • Gain insights into the most important lessons that Joy learned from her 6 Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)
  • Discover what Joy means by, “Incurable means curable from within.
  • Discover what joy’s experience of walking with death for 18 months taught her.
  • Learn the biggest lessons Joy learned on how to heal from within.
  • Gain insights into the lessons that our pain can teach us.
  • Why it is so essential to fill ourselves and then give from the overflow?
  • The importance of asking ourselves , “Is this working for me?”
  • What does self-love and self-care actually mean?
  • Insights and advice for those that feel that this world is too much and they are contemplating checking out.
  • Learn how to work with fear when it comes up.

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