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Mar 1, 2023

The benevolent wisdom of Kryon joins us once again as we speak with Lee and Monika about life, death, creation, where we come from and where we go back to when we transition. Monika and Lee speak with us about the 50,000 year old creation story, our “Star Mothers”, light and dark and what is predicted for 2023.


  • Discover how the current view of death is a modern concept ad was never viewed the same way by the ancients.
  • Learn about the creation story from an Australian aboriginal perspective that goes back 50,000 years and how it lines up with Kryons’ message
  • Gain deeper insights into the cycle of life and death.
  • Learn what Kryon means by our “star mothers and what it means to go home.
  • Discover the two main concepts that our star mothers wanted us to know.
  • Learn about predictions Kryon made from prior to 2012 that are playing out now.
  • Gain insights into what Kryon means by “We are moving towards the light.”
  • Learn how to connect to the encapsulated consciousness that is within the earth and why it is so important to do so.
  • Learn about the ancestor grid and how to connect with it.
  • Discover attributes of mastery according to Kryon.
  • Discover why we often react to situations with stress and how we can change it.
  • If there is so much love on the other side, why do we fear death so much?
  • Gain insight into what Kryon means by 2023 being a year of “Recovery.”
  • Learn about changes going on within the earths’ core and how that is related to changes in the magnetics on the planet and even consciousness itself.
  • What is the greatest thing.

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